032 C

186 C

7420 C

021 C

165 C

1505 C

Yellow C

106 C

129 C

137 C

7401 C

1235 C

321 C

3435 C

375 C

368 C

7475 C

7483 C

Process Cyan C

072 C

282 C

283 C

287 C

289 C

2925 C

2945 C

533 C

5395 C

Violet C

2617 C

2746 C

279 C

1915 C

219 C

235 C

240 C

1905 C

225 C

229 C

7421 C

168 C

476 C

504 C

Cool Gray 7C

Cool Gray 11C

426 C

*Fluorescent Yellow

24 colours chart for custom made apparel. These colors are the most commonly used and the most popular. With the help of this 24 colours chart, you can quickly build your own color system. We hold 24 colours dyed stock of fabrics to ensure prompt delivery. The colour chart 24 panel can also be mixed with sublimation to create a hybrid garment. If you want to get this color card, please contact us.

*This colour chart is to be used as a guide only, please used physical Pantone colour chart in production. The colours you see on your computer monitor may be different to the colours on the apparel.
* Fluorescent yellow colour not in Pantone colour chart, please contact us for a physical colour chart to ensure accurate colour selections.
*The page provides html colour only for Adobe softewear like AI,PS,AE… Again, please used physical Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated (GP1601).